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Interview with Mr. Johann Weber, chairman of the board of Zollner Elektronik group

Zollner Elektronik AG is the largest and most influential EMS company in Europe. Within only 50 years they have succeeded to grow from a one-man business to a global corporation with 16 sites. Over 100 assembly lines are in operation to produce boards under the highest quality requirements. Juki Europe was allowed to install the newest complete production line at the plant located in Untergschwadt (Germany), where avionic and outer space products are manufactured. Juki had the opportunity to question Mr. Weber, chairman of the board of Zoller Elektronik group, about the reasons for their success.

Interview with Mr. Johann Weber (pdf)

THT components can be assembled on a competitive basis in Switzerland – a customer report of the EMS provider Grossenbacher AG in St Gallen

Automation instead of outsourcing is the key. Then, thanks to the automation, it’s still possible to have electronics production in a high-wage country like Switzerland. In this kind of production, a large number of THT components are still placed manually and that’s why, in many cases, the assembly is outsourced to low-wage countries. But Grossenbacher Systeme AG in St Gallen breaks new ground and counts on THT automation technology from JUKI Europe.

Grossenbacher AG (pdf)

UK EMS provider Chemigraphic increases SMT line utulisation by 30% using automated storage management systems ISM by Juki

Chemigraphic, one of the UK’s leading electronic manufacturing service businesses, continues the next phase of its investment cycle by purchasing JUKI’s new ISM systems in order to enhance their surface mount operations and the speed up time to market for their customers.

Chemigraphic (pdf)



One JUKI RS-1000N nitrogen oven covers the whole production of three SMT assembly lines at FERCAD Elektronik GmbH

The very successful medium-sized EMS service provider from North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) continuously invests in new production equipment. That’s why FERCAD replaced their old mounters from a Korean provider with three new lines from Juki.

FERCAD Elektronik GmbH (pdf)


Vosch Electronic AG: „We assemble four times faster with JUKI!”

In June 2012, Vosch Electronic AG invested over one million Swiss Francs in a brand new SMT assembly line. Instead of selecting new modules from the previous supplier, the company decided on two high speed chip shouters KE-2070 and one high speed flexible mounter KE-2080 from JUKI.  These most flexible mounters from JUKI give an output that is four times higher and changeover times between separate jobs are clearly shorter. Thanks to this enormous increase in efficiency, Vosch still is a top leading EMS provider in a market with high competitive pressure.

Vosch (pdf)

The right choice: FERCAD put their trust in JUKI assembly systems and stencil printers

The manager Waltraud Aumüller made the right choice with a JUKI line: “The features of the machines as well as the quick delivery time had convinced me. In addition, the JUKI staff responded perfectly to the requirements of FERCAD during the briefing and the training. Accordingly we had no start-up difficulties and could go on line immediately.”

Fercad (pdf)

Steiner Elektronik Technologie invests in a second JUKI line

Due to the high customer satisfaction with the JUKI assembly line which went into operation at the end of 2009, Steiner Elektronik Technologie (SET GmbH) decided to invest in another JUKI line in 2012 for its production plant in Rousse, Bulgaria. The line was installed in July with the target to expand capacity and also with the option to assemble large PCBs. To complete the production, SET invested in a JUKI stencil printer GL too. These printer systems, sold through JUKI in Europe, have found a ready market since their first presentation at the SMT exhibition 2012 and convince the customers, especially with their excellent price performance ratio.

Steiner Elektronik Technologie GmbH (pdf)

First installation of a JUKI GKG printer in Europe

EUROSAX, a company domiciled in Belgrade, Serbia, has just started to print their boards with a GKG model GL printer. According to Mr. Ivanovic’s statement (company owner and manager) the printer’s efficiency is rated extremely good.

Eurosax Belgrade Serbia (pdf)

UK EMS company beats Chinese prices with help of JUKI production equipment

There has been a rethink of the supply chain to make the UK more competitive. United EMS has won a £3m contract in competition with Chinese manufacturers, which the UK-based company believes could be the start of high-volume manufacturing coming back to the UK. The business was designed to have a lower overhead cost model from day one. This meant amongst others investment in JUKI production equipment. If this trend is to continue there could be implications for the electronic supply chain in the UK.

United EMS (pdf)    30.4.2012

AWOS continues to invest in JUKI’S latest technologies

AWOS bought its first fully automated production line in 2004. JUKI’s industry leading technologies were an integral part of this production line. Because of the fantastic experience and the outstanding reliability of the old line they have again invested in a new JUKI module.

AWOS (pdf)   9.11.2011

A+B and JUKI - Quality in perfection

SMT assembly is the key process in the production of electronic circuit boards. With the help of SMT assembly machines high quality production can be combined with short production times. High-tech SMT placement is one of the core expertise of the north German EMS subcontractor Assmy + Böttger Electronic, who have been satisfied with one special brand of assembly machines right from the start: Juki Automation Systems.

A+B Electronic (pdf)  11.07.2011

EAS Elettronica: “Into the heart of Technology”

EAS Elettronica serves more than 130 customers in Italy, Germany and Switzerland with their highly qualified service covering project industrialization, assembly, automatic testing of circuit boards and electronic & mechanical assemblies. Their first SMT assembly machine was installed back in 1984, 1993 the first JUKI machine was operated.

EAS Elettronica (pdf)  11.07.2011

DSE found the need to invest in another JUKI SMT Line

Deep Sea Electronics (DSE), a specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic control modules and monitoring systems for Diesel & Gas Generating sets, was established in 1975 by its current owner Eddie Sheader, to develop and manufacture a range of underwater communications products for deep sea divers. The latest new SMT line and the original JUKI machines have now found home in DSEs new production area.

Deep Sea Electronics (pdf)  30.03.2011

Dinema – Success based on internal know-how and top equipment

Since the foundation of Dinema S.P.A. 40 years ago the company has dedicated itself to the highest quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process of electronic systems. The ISO 9001:2008 certified company reaches this target by applying the consistent in-house know-how management of highly trained specialised staff, combined with the best choice of equipment, i.e. JUKI mounters, to assure the required technological level for the delivery of superior quality products.

Dinema (pdf)  30.03.2011

Mair Elektronik - 18 successful years with JUKI

The EMF company Mair Elektronik GmbH in Schwaig near Munich (Germany) specialises in the assembly of highly complex devices for medical, automotive and industrial electronics. For the assembly, which is the core of the production facilities, the company has been relying exclusively on JUKI since they started with automatic pick- and place machines.

Mair Elektronik (pdf)  25.09.2010

ETL Elektrotechnik: rapid production step-up

JUKI supports the rapid growth of the EMS company ETL Elektrotechnik with the fastest machine shipment in company history.

ETL Lauter (pdf)  25.09.2010

Coronex Electronic GmbH: Successful western German EMS subcontractor relies on JUKI's SMT technology

Coronex Electronic GmbH is an innovative and competent partner for tailor-made EMS services. For more than 30 years the company has been offering a complete service, from pick-and-place to the shipping of the finished devices. With this successful concept, which is proven by the high growth rates of the past years, the Ratingen based company has earned an excellent name in the market.

Coronex (pdf)  08.06.2010

Rohde & Schwarz sets up a brand new SMT production unit in Vimperk CZ with JUKI

In late 2009 Rohde & Schwarz Závod Vimperk expanded their production facilities with a completely new SMT line. The investment covered not only 5 JUKI assemblers (4 KE-2070 High-Speed Chip Shooters, 1 KE-2080 High-Speed Flexible Mounter, 1 TR6 Matrix Tray Changer and the intelligent feeder setup system „Batch Traceability“) but also a printer, a cleaning unit, an oven, an AOI system as well as a fully automatic warehousing system.

Rohde & Schwarz (pdf)  01.4.2010

United EMS Ltd – new, fast growing company invests in JUKI mounters

United EMS Ltd, based in Warrington North West England, is the UK’s fastest growing Electronics Manufacturing Services provider. To underpin this growth, United EMS selected JUKI KE-2050light and KE-2060light mounters (see picture above).

United EMS Ltd (pdf)  01.4.2010

EAS Elettronica: 25 years of SMT production in the heart of the Veneto region

Serving customers from Italy, Germany and Switzerland, EAS Elettronica was the first company in the Veneto region (north-east of Italy) who offered services for the Surface Mount Technology. Their first SMT machine was installed back in 1984.

EAS Elettronica  24.11.2009

Tomorrow's technology for today's success: Innovative Power Electronics

As a specialist for the conception, development and production of cost-optimised customer specific solutions, inpotron Schaltnetzteile GmbH do not offer any standard products. Well thought out developments give added value in all areas - thus all power supply units fit perfectly in form and function for the applications they were intended for.

Inpotron (pdf)  24.11.2009

CHEMIGRAPHIC LTD choose JUKI for Investment during difficult economic conditions

Chemigraphic have recently purchased and installed a new SMD line, based around JUKI placement machines, which complements their existing JUKI SMD line. The existing line has also been upgraded to include some of the new features available.

Chemigraphic Ltd (pdf)  24.11.2009

30 years of Eltroplan – New building with a new JUKI assembly line

Despite the economic crisis in 2009, Eltroplan showed extraordinary steady development: On the occasion of the 30th anniversary a new building was inaugurated, new pick-and-place machines were installed and there was, of course, a celebration.

Eltroplan (pdf)  24.11.2009

Endless flex boards very popular

The technology of flexible circuit carriers is about to make its breakthrough: 3D integrated flexible electronic circuits offer growth potentials which stem mainly from the realisation of innovative product ideas. With their reel-to-reel production they are regarded as the new approach to today's technological and economical challenges. The subcontractor LM Electronic recognised this chance early on and now stands out from the crowd as a specialised manufacturer in this specific area.

LM-Electronic (pdf)  4.11.2009

Zollner Elektronik AG, the biggest German EMS supplier invests in JUKI equipment

After several months' benchmark testing Zollner Elektronik AG decided to invest in JUKI SMD placement machines for a major application.

Zollner Electronic GmbH (pdf)    28.4.2009


JUKI helps major UK EMS Group win contract with Extra Long
Board special application solution

AWS Cemgraft, located in Newbury UK, is part of the AWS Group. This facility is a Centre of Excellence within the AWS Group and specialises in medium to high volume technically advanced surface mount PCB assembly. Additionally, last September they launched a dedicated Fast Track prototyping service.

Cemgraft (pdf)  28.4.2009

SiMS invest in JUKI's newest High-speed Chip shooter FX-3

SiMS is a Polish company involved in the design and production of devices for their clients, who are mainly in the automotive sector. Their production re-quirements range from individual items to high volume runs.

SiMS (pdf)    28.4.2009

From the vision to the mission

Allowing the customer to make series products at marketable prices, good quality and satisfactory delivery times is the aim of Schlafhorst Electronics. This has been achieved through many years of experience at its headquarters in Mönchengladbach, where all the strategic company departments are united under one roof, alongside modern production facilities under series conditions. An ultra-modern machine pool, constantly being expanded and systematically maintained ensures market competitiveness.

Schlafhorst Electronics GmbH (pdf)  28.4.2009

Success story with a strategy

The EMS provider "SMT & Hybrid" based in Dresden, can look back on a very successful history; founded with the correct market strategy, a great deal of ambition, excellent quality assurance and, last but not least, the best equipment. On 6 September 2008, the company won the "Major Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Companies" and can look forward to facing the future, even in today's turbulent times.

SMT & Hybrid (pdf)  27.2.2008

Investment to surviving a recession in manufacturing

Unfortunately, it's now official - business in the UK and in most other countries of the world is going through a period of recession. Fortunately prices are very attractive, investments profitable. This helps reducing costs to become more competitive.

Megger (pdf)  27.2.2009

Demonstration of JUKI's FX-3 Mounter leaves an Impression
in Russia

At the end of August 2008 Juki Automation Systems AG supplied their new unique High-speed Modular Mounter FX-3 to Russia. The first installation of the Mounter was at JUKI's distributor Sovtest ATE in Kursk, Russia. The JUKI Service Team helped with the installation, equipment start-up and also trained the Sovtest ATE's specialists.

Incotex (pdf)  27.2.2009

EMA Ltd - The Glasgow Success Story

EMA Ltd is an Electronic Contract Manufacturing Company that started in 1974. Now in it's 34th year it can reflect on an interesting path that has led to where they are now in 2008.
Dave Stark; Sales Director, states "it now seems light years away from the 3 day week - dire component shortages - operator shortage - and even threats of closure from our bank."

EMA (pdf)  01.10.2008

The first FX-3 installation in Europe at M.E.C. srl. in Italy

The FX-3, new Super High-speed Mounter of JUKI, was presented in Italy for the first time at the BIAS exhibition in Milan, which was held from 27. to 30. May and has attracted wide interest from Italian customers. The machine was sold directly from the show to M.E.C. srl., a loyal JUKI customer from the Brescia region. It was delivered right after the exhibition and installed during the first week of June.

M.E.C. (pdf)  01.10.2008

Latest News

Headquarters of JUKI transferred to Nuremberg (Germany)

The legal headquarters transferred to our German location in Nuremberg on 01.01.2017.

JUKI Automation Systems and ETEK Europe bundle their competences

JUKI Automation Systems and ETEK Europe Ltd. bundle their competences in order to strengthen their local presence in the markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland - and to further expand their common growth potentials. Read more.

JUKI Automation Systems centralizes functions at German location Nuremberg

JUKI Automation Systems will transfer the legal headquarters within the next months from Solothurn, Switzerland, to German office location Nuremberg. By centralizing functions in Nuremberg, JUKI plans to form the organizational frame for strengthening market position and expand competitiveness as well as helping employees to innovate. Read more.

JUKI Automation Systems appoints Thomas Kempf as Sales Manager Germany

JUKI Automation Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Kempf as new Sales Manager Germany to support existing customers and grow the customer base across the German sales region. Thomas Kempf and his team will spend part of their time expanding relationships across Germany to identify customer and market needs as well as growth opportunities in the market. Read more.