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Our understanding of Lowest Cost of Ownership

Often when deciding on the purchase of a new placement system, only the initial investment cost and the theoretical placement rate are considered. This overlooks many other factors that make up the overall production cost; consumables, spare parts and service can also be a big cost factor. Such things as changeover times, machine breakdowns and the difference between the theoretical and actual throughput rate significantly affect productivity. Maintenance, programming and operator training account for additional personnel costs. Thanks to our many years of experience in building flexible modular placement systems, JUKI has gained an outstanding reputation. Data from the market has shown that, compared to systems from other manufacturers, JUKI clearly provides the highest reliability and Lowest Cost of Ownership in the industry.

Latest News

Headquarters of JUKI transferred to Nuremberg (Germany)

The legal headquarters transferred to our German location in Nuremberg on 01.01.2017.

JUKI Automation Systems and ETEK Europe bundle their competences

JUKI Automation Systems and ETEK Europe Ltd. bundle their competences in order to strengthen their local presence in the markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland - and to further expand their common growth potentials. Read more.

JUKI Automation Systems centralizes functions at German location Nuremberg

JUKI Automation Systems will transfer the legal headquarters within the next months from Solothurn, Switzerland, to German office location Nuremberg. By centralizing functions in Nuremberg, JUKI plans to form the organizational frame for strengthening market position and expand competitiveness as well as helping employees to innovate. Read more.

JUKI Automation Systems appoints Thomas Kempf as Sales Manager Germany

JUKI Automation Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Kempf as new Sales Manager Germany to support existing customers and grow the customer base across the German sales region. Thomas Kempf and his team will spend part of their time expanding relationships across Germany to identify customer and market needs as well as growth opportunities in the market. Read more.