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KE-3020 Flex Placer

Jukis KE-3020 represents leading-edge technology, highest flexibility and production quality. It supports both electronic and mechanical tape feeders and can handle boards up to 1210 x 560 mm. With its multi-nozzle laser head, KE-3020 can achieve a speed of up to 20,900 cph (optimum) and is capable of handling a component placement range from 01005 to 74 x 74 mm (square) or 50 x 150 mm respectively.


Placement head

multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles)
high-precision head (1 nozzle)

Placement rate
up to 20,900 cph laser centering (optimum)

Component range
from 01005 up to 74 x 74 mm (square) or
up to 50 x 150 mm respectively

Component height
up to 25 mm 
Placement accuracy
±50 μm (Cpk ≥ 1) laser centering
±30 μm vision centering
±40 μm vision centering with MNVC
Board dimension
up to 1210 x 560 mm 
Brochure (pdf)
Feeder Compatibility
Jukis KE-3020 allows both mechanical as well as electronic feeders and feeder trolleys respectively. It grants companies who are using previous generations of mechanical feeders, for instance, the possibility of making the most of their investment.
Laser Centering Technology
The LNC60 laser sensor has the unique ability to center components from 01005 up to 33.5 x 33.5 mm. From ultra-small, ultra-thin, chip-shaped parts to small QFPs, CSP, BGA, a wide range of parts can be precisely centered by the laser recognition system at high-speed. 

The KE-3020 supports linear fluxer for fluxing and PoP applications.
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